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Musical Instruments
webmaster 2013.09.17 15:58

We offer intensive courses and training on the following traditional Korean instruments: the Danso, Daegeum, Gayageum, and the Janggu.

Danso (Short Bamboo Flute) and Daegeum (Long Bamboo Flute)
Danso and Dageum are wooden wind instruments that have a transparent and solitary sound. With just a little bit of guidance, anyone can easily learn to play either of these instruments. This class instructs students how to read Jungganbo (traditional Korean musical notation), allowing students to develop a greater understanding of the basic foundation of Korean music. Students will learn how to play and traditional Korean court music, folk music and songs.

Gayageum (12-Stringed Instrument)
Gayageum is one of the most well known Korean traditional musical instruments. It is composed of 12 strings, which a player pulls, pushes, twists and vibrates in order to evoke various sounds. Students start by learning basic fingering techniques and as students develop their skills, they will learn to play two different types of traditional music - court and folk music. Students will also learn to sing while playing the Gayageum, which is called "Gayageum Byungchang".

Janggu (Double-Sided Drum)
Janggu is the the popular and most well-known Korean percussion instrument. It is made out of a paulownia tree trunk and covered with leather on both sides. A player will take a thin bamboo stick in his or her right hand and a thick stick in his or her left hand to play this instrument. Students will learn to play traditional rhythms, Jungak rhythms and the rhythm patterns of the Samulnori (Percussion Quartet). In this course, students will also be taught basic breathing, posture, fingering, and musical techniques through a pedagogical teaching method. In addition, all students will participate in a class-ensemble to develop musicianship and music appreciation as an individual as well as a group.

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