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 Jung KimTreasurer 
 Odelette Cho Art Director
 Chungeun KimDirector 
 Soojung HyunProgram Organizer/Curator 
 Michael SeoAdministrator 
 Cindy JangWebmaster 
 Yunjin ChoGraphic Design 

Class Instructors

Sangchul LeeCalligraphy, Brush Painting
Linda LeeCalligraphy, Brush Painting
Soojin HanKorean Brush Painting
Dukhee SongKorean Traditional Fine Art (Minhwa)
Jongsook KangPottery
Hwajung KangCooking
Eunjoo KangKorean Dance (Janggu)
Songeun ShinKorean Music (Kayageum and Pansori)
Changyeong Jung Daegeum
Jiwon LeeKorean Dance (Janggu)
Inwha KimAbacus
Jongsook KimKorean Traditional Paper Art
Kyungwon LeeKorean, Korean Traditional Knotting
Yoon OhDrama
Jihee JungKorean
Banya ChoKorean, Chinese Characters
Heejae LeeKorean