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The philosophy behind Donghwa Cultural Foundation lies within the very meaning of the word “Donghwa (東和)”. Donghwa, when viewed in a narrow sense, represents the culture of an Eastern country.  However, the notion that it embodies, in a broader context, is the collaborative exchange of Eastern and Western cultures, which would help raise deep awareness and understanding of the cultural make-up of our diverse society and, in turn, pave the way to greater global harmony. From an even wider perspective, like the Sun that rises from the East (Dong 東), the philosophy of Donghwa signifies the dawn of a new day, where harmony and peace (Hwa 和) can shine together throughout the world.

Today, through the rapid advancement of transportation and communication, the boundaries among countries have shrunk. As a result, we live in an increasingly interdependent society – one where we must learn to understand and interact with each other. Thus, it is important to introduce to people the different cultures of our world, educating them about different values and ways of thinking.  

The fundamental framework of a global education should not be shaken by the trends of a specific era or time period; it should continue to preserve the core values that it strives to plant and grow within our society – goodwill, justice, courage, adventurousness, and creativity.

It is with this vision that the Donghwa Cultural Foundation was established, and we hope to provide a long-lasting educational framework that can bring peace and harmony to all.

Young H.T. Cho
Donghwa Cultural Foundation, lnc.