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[Youth Initiatives] Calligraphy Youth Society
webmaster 2013.11.04 15:27

One of the many student clubs that are sponsored by the Donghwa Cultural Foundation is the Calligraphy Youth Society. A club comprised of many former pupils of Donghwa's calligraphy classes, the CYS's main public function is to educate other young children on the art of calligraphy. Every Saturday, the CYS's members with more than 5 years of calligraphy experience volunteer and teach young children around the community the virtues and beauty of this traditional Korean art form. This also provides the members of the CYS not only a change to disseminate their own knowledge but gather experience as forward thinking leaders. 

Date & Time: 
Every Saturday at 12:30 pm

Open to all grades from K-12 

Donghwa Culture Arts Center
218 Main St, Hackensack NJ, 07631

Fee: Free 

Contact Information: 
(201) 871-3033

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