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December 22 Connection to Arts and Culture: Dongji-Winter Solstice 
at Donghwa 

December 10 Korean Cooking: Tofu Pouch Casserole Making and Learning Table Setting fro winter

October 3 Connection to Arts and Culture: Chuseok, Full Moon Festival 
at Donghwa

October 3 - 
November 14 Andrew Cho’s Calligraphy Exhibition at Donghwa

August 15 American Youth Calligraphy & Korean Brush Painting Competition

February 24 Outreach: Learning Korean Traditional Clothing: Hanbok and Asian Paper Folding 
at St. Joseph High School in West New York, NJ 

January 31 Lunar New Year Children Event: Asian Paper Folding and Learning Manners 

January 31 Flushing Lunar New Year Parade Participation 
with Children dancers from Donghwa (sponsored by State Farm)