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December 22 Celebrating Winter Solstice: Stories and Red Beans Porridge 

December 11 The Beauty of Korean Traditional Knotting and practice 
by artist Kyeongwon Lee 

December 7 Arts and Dance: Korean nature and stories (4 week special program) 
by Eunji Shim and Kyungja Lee 

October 15 Understanding Korean Traditional Painting and Practice 
by Gokchen Jungshin Lee 

September 18 Understanding Korean Food (4): Korean traditional rice cake and cookies 
by Jinyoung Jung 

August 7 Lecture: A life of Huhnamsulwon and Literature 
by Dr. Sooyeon Hwang 

July 27 Korean Music Concert: “Stories in music on a summer night” 
Gayageum: Herina Park, Voice: Jeounghee Oh, 
Percussion instrument: Chunseong Lee 

May 29 Glass Craft Art 
by Glass Artisan, Na Nan 

May 5 Children’s Day Event: “A Day Of Experiencing Korean Culture And Arts” 

May 1 Understanding Korean Food: Healthy Bibimbap 
by food researcher, Hyanghwa Lim 

April 14 Lecture: Learn About Cancer 
by doctor of oriental medicine, Youngsang Lee 

April 5 Lecture: Sajasohak, The Study of Elementary Chinese
by Dr. Sooyeon Hwang 

March 16 Korean Traditional Dying Crafts 
by Artisan, Okja Choi 

March 12  Outreach: Understanding Korean Culture 
by Donghwa Director, Youngmi Ha 
Northvale Public School, Northvale, New Jersey 

March 2  Lecture: Yellow Earth and Natural Ways to Maintain One’s Health 
by Researcher Jungduk Kim 

February 27 A Meeting of Korean Traditional Foods and Well-Being: Making Doenjang (Soy Bean Paste) 
by Yunhwa Noh & Soonja Lee 

February 9  Lecture: Preparation in a College Entrance Examination Through Korean Traditional Arts and Culture 
by Ms. Candice Maclusky 

January 30  Understanding Korean Food: Fresh Ginseng Salad and Three Colored Pancake 
by Food Researcher, Hyanghwa Lim