2013 East Meet West International Essay Competition
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Competition Divisions
High School Division: 9th-12th grade 
College Division: College undergraduate students

All high school and college undergraduate students are eligible.
Award recipients will be requested to submit proof of their school enrollment.

Entry Fee: $15
By Check: Make a check payable to “Donghwa Cultural Foundation”
By Credit Card: Contact us at 201-871-3033 or email us at essay@donghwaculture.org
We also welcome online payments to info@donghwaculture.org when paid via PayPal.

Essay Requirements
1. All entries must be original works written in English, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or an equivalent font with a one-inch margin on all page sides.
2. Essays must be no fewer than 500 and no more than 1,000 words in length.
3. Include a cover page with your name and the essay topic(s) you choose. To ensure anonymity, please only write your name on the cover page. 

Send the registration form and essay to essay@donghwaculture.org

Registration Period 
June 3rd – September 30th, 2013

Announcement of Winners*
All participants will be notified of their results via e-mail by October 15th, 2013.

Award Reception
Location: Donghwa Cultural Foundation (reception date TBD)

Grand Prize: $1,000
Gold, Silver, Bronze Prizes awarded to winning entrants in each division (High School, College). Cash prizes are included with each prize accordingly.
Special Sponsor Awards

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