Happy Discovery of Korea: Korean Tea Workshop
webmaster 2015.08.26 12:22

Time: Sunday, Oct 4. 2015, 11:00-12:00 PM 
Place: Modern Family Center 
410 East 92nd Street, New York
Tea Master: Dr. Youngmi Ha 

The goal of this program, organized by Donghwa Cultural Foundation, Inc. is to provide Korean-adopted children exposure to Korean culture and language. Tea is the second most commonly drank liquid on earth after water. In the origin of tea, it was used as medicine, and later on, it was used as a drink which could help ease thirst and reduce stress or anxiety. In the beginning of 2000 years of Korean tea history having a tea was exclusively limited within the community of royal family, noble men, and monks. The tea ceremony is based on the spiritual discipline and it helps the washing of our mind like meditation. To learn about Korean Tea Culture is to understand the quality of Korean cultural tradition.

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