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[Youth Initiatives] Donghwa Youth Volunteer Program
webmaster 2013.11.05 10:36

Donghwa is a non-profit organization, which promotes Korean culture and arts through various educational programs, events, and competitions for communities. In an effort to educate the youth, Donghwa offers opportunities in its volunteer program (Donghwa Youth Volunteer Program) to help and guide youth to become future leaders who understand both the philosophy and the value of Eastern and Western culture. The goal of the Donghwa Youth Volunteer Program is to guide leadership. 


Students from 9-12th grade who are interested in volunteering their time and talents should meet the following:

1. Commitment and dedication 
2. Strong will to help others
3. Ability to communicate with others

The Program

Students will acquire a sense of leadership by learning about their cultural identities as they volunteering their time and talents at Donghwa. Participants of our programs are able to develop skills that not only useful on a resume but out in society as well. 

List of Donghwa Youth Volunteer Programs:

Cultural Volunteer Program 
(Earning hours: 20 per semester) Students will gain experience by assisting in Donghwa's various cultural events, competitions, and programs. 

Saturday Leadership Volunteer Program
Students will assist the staff and faculty of the Donghwa Leaders Program in preparing classes, special workshops and activities. Volunteers will benefit through their experience as they create their own sense of leadership.

Summer Volunteer Program
Students will work on various projects during summer vacation. A two-month commitment is required in order to gain the maximum level of experience. 

All volunteers will be evaluated on their achievement and assignments by the director and will receive a certificate of recognition from the chairman of Donghwa upon the successful completion of their programs.

Please download the attached application form and submit the filled out form along with the requested materials to info@donghwaculture.org

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